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Technology Urban Solutions Southeast Asia Energy Can Emerging Asia Attain Development Goals Sooner Through Greater Technology Adoption In Infrastructure? Developing more sustainable infrastructure systems is a prerequisite for changing the way that our economies and societies function, as well as achieving the SDGs and the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. Read More 12 Oct 2021
Technology Southeast Asia Power Financing Sector Deep Dive #6 - Digital Infrastructure Infrastructure Asia organized 2 deep dive sessions on digital infrastructure to gather views from nine industry players on the opportunities and challenges for digital infrastructure in Asia. Read More 30 Aug 2021
Financing Urban Solutions Southeast Asia Sustainable Finance – Leveraging Green Finance for Infrastructure Development As countries intensify their efforts to overcome climate change, institutional investors and financial institutions are responding by embracing sustainable and green infrastructure projects in investing mandates. Read More 18 Jun 2021
Public Private Partnership Southeast Asia South Asia Urban Solutions Sustainable Infrastructure: Accelerating Southeast Asia’s Journey to Net-Zero While climate goals have been on the minds of nations in recent years, the pace of global smart city initiatives towards a net-zero future has been greatly accelerated, particularly by the outbreak of COVID-19. Read More 11 Jun 2021
Urban Solutions Technology Technology: The Engine of Smarter, Greener Cities Asian cities need to fuel urbanisation and economic growth by upgrading existing and creating new infrastructure assets. Technology is a great enabler in these needs, but how can we leverage and finance it in an efficient and effective way to keep our smart city initiatives at full throttle? Read More 09 Jun 2021
South Asia Technology Urban Solutions Southeast Asia Power Water and sanitation Sector Deep Dive #5: Sustainable Infrastructure in Asia In March 2021, InfraAsia organised a deep dive session on sustainable infrastructure in Southeast and South Asia with four established industry speakers. We discussed the existing challenges and the growing potential of leveraging technological innovations for projects. Read More 16 Apr 2021
Urban Solutions Sector Deep Dive #4: Renewable Energy InfraAsia organised a deep dive session on renewable energy in Southeast and South Asia with four industry players. Read More 07 Apr 2021
Urban Solutions Technology Southeast Asia South Asia Water and sanitation Sector Deep Dive #3: Digital Water Infrastructure Asia organised a deep dive session on the water sector to gather insights from nine industry players on the financing options and key enablers to attract international investments into water. The session also discussed the opportunities and challenges for water infrastructure projects in Southeast Asia and South Asia and ways to increase the involvement of the Singapore infrastructure ecosystem. Read More 17 Mar 2021
Urban Solutions Technology Southeast Asia South Asia Sector Deep Dive #2: Waste Management Infrastructure Asia organised a deep dive session on the waste management sector to gather views from eight industry players on the opportunities and commercial structures for waste management solutions in Southeast Asia and ways to apply these commercial structures to develop and initiate more bankable waste management projects in Southeast Asia. Read More 15 Mar 2021
Urban Solutions Technology Southeast Asia South Asia Sector Deep Dive #1: Cold Chain Logistics Infrastructure Asia organised a deep dive session on the cold chain logistics sector to gather views from eight industry players on the opportunities and challenges for cold chain projects in Southeast Asia and South Asia and the ways to increase the involvement of the Singapore infrastructure ecosystem in regional cold chain projects. Read More 09 Mar 2021
Urban Solutions Southeast Asia In Conversation between Seth Tan and Rajah & Tann, on ESG in Infrastructure Projects Seth Tan, our Executive Director, gave an interview to Rajah & Tann Singapore on environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) issues in infrastructure projects. Read More 04 Mar 2021
Technology Urban Solutions Southeast Asia South Asia Public Private Partnership The Catalytic Role of Digital Connectivity Digital connectivity drives all aspects of smart and future cities, and key components of economies and societies. Despite the potential, there are challenges in rolling out digital infrastructure. In this article, we highlight the challenges and mitigating initiatives. Read More 12 Jan 2021
Urban Solutions Southeast Asia Public Private Partnership Infrastructure: Leading Southeast Asia's Economic Recovery In this piece, co-authored with Deloitte, we consider the role of developing high quality infrastructure in leading the recovery from COVID-19 in three phases. Read More 27 Oct 2020
Southeast Asia Others Room for agreement: Selecting a venue for international infrastructure dispute resolution An important decision to be made when planning for the resolution of disputes in international infrastructure projects is the venue. This article explores five key factors to consider when choosing this venue. Read More 30 Jul 2020
Water and sanitation Water and Sanitation in Asia Water is essential for human life and UN recognises that access to safe drinking water and sanitation is a basic human right yet, meeting water needs has its challenges. We explore how innovation in water technology and financing can help improve the bankability of such projects in order to crowd in private capital. Read More 09 Jul 2020
Urban Solutions Technology Southeast Asia Power Energy Infrastructure - Catalysing Clean Energy Projects in Emerging Asia Clean energy has been hailed as a hero for developing nations. However, clean energy projects are not being implemented in emerging Asia as quickly as many hope. Why is this, and what can be done about it? Read More 15 Jun 2020
Technology Urban Solutions Southeast Asia Technology for Developing Asias Infrastructure Disruptions as a result of Covid-19 have heightened the awareness and desire to increase adoption of technology on many fronts including infrastructure. We explore five ways that technology can revolutionise the infrastructure landscape for emerging economies. Read More 12 Jun 2020
Financing Southeast Asia Funding the Preparation and Structuring of Infrastructure Projects Some believe that the barrier to infrastructure development in the region is not the lack of financing capital, but the lack of well-prepared, bankable and investment-ready projects. Read more to learn about the funds that can support the preparation of projects initiated by governments and the private sector. Read More 08 Jun 2020
Urban Solutions Technology Building Resilience in Regional Logistics and Supply Chains What are some of the key areas that can be strengthened in logistics and supply chain infrastructure? Read More 23 May 2020
Financing Public Private Partnership Insurance and Guarantees for Successful Infrastructure Risk Mitigation in Asia Insurance and guarantees: One important key to successful infrastructure risk mitigation in Asia Read More 18 May 2020
Financing Standardising 50% of Project Finance Loan Documentation Project finance loan documentation are notoriously long and complex. In this article, Infrastructure Asia explores how standardisation can help to ensure quality and replicability, and shares its effort in this area. Read More 21 Apr 2020
Urban Solutions Transport Southeast Asia South Asia Regional Infrastructure Development & Cross-Border Connectivity Regional infrastructure development needs and the role of Infrastructure Asia Read More 03 Mar 2020
Transport Urban Solutions Financing Transit-Oriented Development The Asian Development Bank has highlighted that 80% of the US$600 billion needed annually to finance developing Asia’s transit infrastructure spending is currently coming from the public sector. This article explores how transit-oriented development can improve financing of such projects, making it attractive to international investors. Read More 11 Dec 2019
Urban Solutions Technology Southeast Asia Trashing it Out: Waste Management in Asia The world is generating more waste than ever. This makes waste management a critical issue that deserves no less attention than the likes of poverty elimination and climate action. Generating waste is easy, but managing it is difficult. Developing a waste management facility is not without its challenges. This collated article will examine the key considerations when developing waste management facilities, and uses specific case studies to illustrate their importance. Read More 09 Dec 2019
Southeast Asia Transport Public Private Partnership Power Building Blocks for Involving Private Sector in Infrastructure We take a look at the various procurement methods for infrastructure projects and discuss the key factors that regional governments consider when partnering the private sector. Read More 14 Nov 2019
Potential Infrastructure Projects in ASEAN | Infrastructure Asia The Initial Rolling Priority Pipeline of Potential ASEAN Infrastructure Projects have satisfied a set of screening criteria and are expected to attract robust investments. Read More 16 Aug 2019
Financing Southeast Asia Urban Solutions Green Finance in Emerging Asia This article highlights the greater adoption of green projects in the region with an increase of green financing. Read More 01 Aug 2019
Urban Solutions Water and sanitation Technology South Asia Smart City Infrastructure - Building Climate Resilient Sustainable Smart Cities What can we do to achieve climate resilient infrastructure and sustainable urban development? Read More 18 Jul 2019
Urban Solutions Technology Southeast Asia Transport Water and sanitation Power Sustainable Infrastructure for Emerging Asia As countries worldwide start to deal with the impacts of climate change, environmental pollution and social inequality, sustainability has emerged as an important topic for governments, corporates, multilaterals, banks and non-banking financial institutions. However, one question often asked is whether sustainable infrastructure can be easily adopted for emerging markets and create a runway for sustainable growth. Read More 10 Jul 2019
Key Policy Considerations for Bankable Energy Projects Infrastructure Asia, the Energy Market Authority of Singapore, and the World Bank Group co-organised the Workshop on Optimising Investment Frameworks on 28 May 2019. Read More 10 Jun 2019
Water and sanitation Transport Power IA Chats: 5 questions with Seth Tan, Executive Director of Infrastructure Asia  Seth Tan, Executive Director of Infrastructure Asia shares about the support Infrastructure Asia receives from the local authorities, governments in the region and best-in-class service providers towards solving regional infrastructure demands. Read More 01 Apr 2019
Public Private Partnership Persistent under-development of infrastructure Teo Eng Cheong, CEO International (Singapore, Southeast Asia, North Asia) of Surbana Jurong, discusses the importance of developing an Infrastructure Roadmap, and what various stakeholders need to look out for when planning for such huge project investments. Read More 30 Nov 2018
Water and sanitation Journey towards water sustainability PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency recounts its journey in creating a safe, secure and sustainable water-future for Singapore. Read More 01 Nov 2018
Public Private Partnership Public-Private Partnerships: Balancing project opportunities and risk Ng Kai Scene, Director of Infrastructure Asia, discusses the factors contributing to a successful public-private partnership project. Read More 27 Oct 2018
Financing Building benchmarks for infrastructure investors Sarah Tame, Associate Director, and Frederic Blanc-Brude, Director of EDHEC Infrastructure Institute (EDHECinfra) share about their journey in building the largest database of infrastructure investment data in the world. Read More 27 Oct 2018


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